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TrueSight: The Future of DME Billing

Empower your billing with the only platform powered by Medbill

Valued providers, we are excited to introduce you to TrueSight: the DME platform designed to revolutionize your billing operations through sheer clarity. Born from the firsthand experience of the industry experts at Medbill, TrueSight is the software designed with YOU in mind.

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The TrueSight Advantage

TrueSight empowers your billing operations by removing any and all unnecessary bottlenecks, obstacles, and costs. Here are just a few of the features that have experienced DME professionals calling TrueSight “the best software I’ve ever used”:

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An Intuitive User Interface

In an occupation as rife with complexity as ours, few things are as valuable as at-a-glance clarity. TrueSight makes billing operations easier by prioritizing navigability first — no more unnecessary clutter from tools you may not ever use.

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Real-Time Error Feedback

Empowered by a direct link to the clearinghouse, this one-of-a-kind feature makes overnight batch runs obsolete. Get feedback on your claims in real time, allowing for more accurate claims, faster returns, and opportunistic learning like never before.

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Fully Transparent Pricing

With TrueSight, clarity means we’re always transparent with you. The entire platform and all its functionality are yours at one set monthly price — no hidden costs, no per-patient fees. And, as the software grows and evolves, new features will be yours at no extra charge.

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Experienced Expert Support

TrueSight was built on decades of firsthand experience in DME billing. We know the challenges of the job because we’ve been there. As a TrueSight user, your experience will be backed by the support of the trusted industry experts at Medbill.

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Configurable Workflows

Configure your dashboards and optimize the lifecycle of your claims as you see fit. TrueSight is designed to adapt to you rather than the other way around. That means elegant implementation of your processes and faster turnarounds on every claim.

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Accessible Training Resources

TrueSight flattens the learning curve of switching software with simple, accessible, and affordable solutions. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on repeat training sessions, take advantage of free training resources available to you at all times.

Migration Made Simple

Industry-leading platforms want you to believe switching software is too much of a hassle. We’re here to tell you otherwise. TrueSight makes the migration process easier than ever with a proven two-sided process:

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Seamless Data Migration

Cutting-edge technology carries over all your data in bulk as quickly and accurately as possible.
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Guided Process Migration

Our software professionals personally guide you through re-implementing your processes on your new platform.
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Choose Clarity Over Clutter

Our field has been dominated by over-cluttered tools and nickel-and-dime pricing models for too long. Instead of trudging through needless clutter just to get your claims filed, craft your own process with TrueSight, where you pay for what you’ll use — nothing more, nothing less.

Join the Future of DME Billing

Take the leap and take control of your billing operations with the only DME platform powered by Medbill. To see how a bit of clarity can revolutionize your process, book your FREE TrueSight demo today.