TrueSight’s DME Billing Software Buying Guide

Here at TrueSight, we believe clarity and transparency are the most essential ingredients to a successful DME business. Today’s DME companies, new and old, big and small, all face a distinct set of challenges unique to our time. Isn’t it about time that our softwares adapt to the needs of the modern day?

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The Challenges of the Modern DME Provider

If the persistence of our everyday billing challenges shows us anything, it’s this:

Most DME billing software doesn’t address the issues.

Your team’s desires for its billing process aren’t unreasonable — they’re simply not a priority for the industry-leading billing platforms. That’s why the forward-thinking minds at Medbill set out to create TrueSight, a software designed with the needs of users in mind. In this DME billing software buying guide, we’ll walk through some of the all-too-familiar challenges that billing teams face and reveal the ways the right software can address them in ways you never thought possible.

Challenge #1

“Our claims process is inefficient and riddled with errors.”

Claims submission has been a complicated process since the industry began. Though a healthy revenue cycle depends on streamlined claims processing, there’s simply nothing efficient about the way most software handles it.

If your team is still waiting on overnight batch runs that only denote one error at a time, TrueSight offers a better way:

Direct Link to Clearinghouse:

TrueSight is the market’s only notable software to feature a direct link to the clearinghouse, speeding up the process with real-time access and feedback to get your claim clean and out the door, error-free.

Instant Error Feedback:

Say goodbye to delayed error identification. TrueSight provides instant error feedback on every claim, highlighting key human errors immediately so you can submit a spotless claim the first time.

Challenge #2

“We’re losing huge amounts of money on training.”

Many DME providers today face very real challenges in staying staffed. Turnover can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra training. Other major programs frequently charge $500, $800, or even up to $1,000 for every extra training session.

To help mitigate these challenges, TrueSight offers:

On-Demand User Manual:

Unlike other leading DME billing software programs, TrueSight features a robust, detailed user manual, accessible for reference online at any time, completely free. This saves huge amounts of time and money on excess training.

Intuitive Interface:

TrueSight was designed to flatten the learning curve for new and seasoned DME professionals alike with an interface designed for intuition rather than flashy complexity. The software guides you intuitively through the entire Revenue Cycle, from patient entry to cash posting. With dynamic dashboards, TrueSight generates and displays an active worklist that can be downloaded, allowing for simple delegation of focused tasks, even to team members in training.

Challenge #3

“We struggle to maintain supply revenue efficiently.”

The staffing challenges of recent years are affecting more than our ability to train new employees. At times, they can make complex efforts like resupply management seem all but impossible. Fortunately, you can count on TrueSight to have your back with:

Innovative Resupply Module:

TrueSight’s resupply module has been called “dreamy” by first-time users. Coupled with a Resupply Forecast, this module allows for a more proactive approach to maximizing supply Revenue.

Challenge #4

“Our monthly price is always changing on us.”

The nickel-and-dime price models of typical DME billing software programs are only growing more convoluted by the day. Leading programs may charge thousands of dollars extra each month for every additional feature, and that doesn’t even begin to scratch the costs of senseless transaction tiers.
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One Fixed Monthly Price, Forever:

TrueSight offers its all-inclusive features under a single monthly price — even those that will be added in the future. As TrueSight grows and changes to meet your needs, you can be confident your price will remain the same. You can also add users one at a time and not in forced tiers.

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Transparent Pricing:

The goal of TrueSight is to get claims out with cleaner results. Unlike other software, however, TrueSight never tacks on additional transaction fees for tier levels. You only pay for what you use. No per-patient fees for patient collection functionality. No per-patient fees for resupply. No user fees or storage fees for document management.

Challenge #5

“We’re worried that it’s just too late to switch.”

Leading software providers would have you believe that switching over now just isn’t worth the headache. After all, it’s in their best interest for you to keep using their program. The truth is, the process is easier than you think, and the results are well worth every minute.

Savings From Switching:

Based on real-life data, our experts have estimated that small DME providers stand to save at least $1,000 monthly by switching to TrueSight, while most larger DME providers can expect to see upwards of $5,000 back in their pocket every month.

Make the Switch and

Discover True Clarity

Though other DME billing software companies may have gotten comfortable with leaving things as they are, that shouldn’t mean your team has to suffer from stagnation. Invest in a software program designed to make your DME operations smarter, faster, and clearer than ever.