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Of All DME Software Companies, Why TrueSight?

Amid the dizzying swarm of different DME software companies, TrueSight was created to be a breath of fresh air.

More than just another solution, TrueSight represents a mission to redefine how DME providers approach billing challenges, offering an intuitive experience that outshines other software with a user-centered approach.

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Our Mission

Unlike other DME software companies, TrueSight is more than just a software as a service — it’s a transparent partnership. Our mission is to guide DME providers toward operational excellence and provide the means to navigate the complexities of billing with adaptable software for an evolving landscape.

With clear collaboration and consistent support, you can count on TrueSight to be your guiding light through the modern-day challenges of DME work.

What Sets TrueSight Apart?

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Powered by Medbill

TrueSight takes a different approach to DME billing because it’s made by seasoned industry professionals like you. Medbill’s multi-decade expertise shows through in every feature, bringing superior clarity to every tedious procedure.

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A Direct Link to Clearinghouse

Unlike other DME software companies, TrueSight redefines the game with a direct link to the clearinghouse, cutting out the unnecessary steps of batch claim communication for a more efficient billing process.

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Instantaneous Error Feedback

Leave overnight batch runs in the past. Unlike other DME software, TrueSight highlights all errors instantly on every claim, every time. When you submit it right, you only have to submit it once.

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Comprehensive and Clear Workflow

The user is intuitively guided through the workflow visually and the software is configurable to track your desired order flow. Visual guides are used throughout the software to make information more readable and actionable. Dynamic dashboards create real-time worklists and at-your-fingertip reporting.

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Always-Available Training Resources

When it comes to an industry as complex as DME, staffing issues and turnover can cause major roadblocks. That’s why TrueSight offers a comprehensive online training manual built into the software for reference at any time — absolutely free.

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Continual Affordability

With TrueSight, you pay on a transaction-by-transaction basis — nothing more, nothing less. One simple switch could save your business thousands every month. We don’t bolt on other software to our solution so there is no need for multiple logins for simple functions like patient pay automation.

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And So Much More

Want to learn more about TrueSight’s innovative approach to intuitive billing? Get in touch today to try it out for yourself. With TrueSight, the future of billing is clearer than ever.

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