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As pioneers in our industry, Medbill has seen it all. We know the challenges DME providers face firsthand, and we’re excited to introduce TrueSight — an intuitive tool designed to revolutionize all areas of DME billing, starting with training,

By simplifying training procedures with robust resources and intuitive interfaces, TrueSight saves both time and money, allowing your business to refocus on providing exceptional DME services for those in need.

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How TrueSight Simplifies DME Training

TrueSight’s user-friendly interface was designed by industry experts to flatten the learning curve and make billing easy. With dynamic dashboards and customizable workflows, TrueSight adapts to your team until navigation is second nature. The result is an optimized revenue cycle, faster onboarding, and a set of online tools made just for you.


Intuitive user interface


Customizable workflows


Real-time error feedback


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1. Learn the Basics of Billing

Begin by equipping your team with foundational knowledge about DME billing. This includes everything from the different types of equipment to the standard coding practices of the HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System). Familiarize your team with the claims submission process.

2. Practice Making Clean Claims

A lot of effort goes into a clean claim, and practice makes perfect. To ensure you’re getting the accurate reimbursement your business depends on, study up-to-date guidelines and take advantage of documentation checklists.

3. Invest in a Dependable Billing Software

Elegant software is the cornerstone of effective DME billing training. Overcomplication is often the enemy of productivity, so look for software that your team can use with ease and elegance. This will make the training process faster while streamlining virtually all other operations. Equip your team with TrueSight.

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