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TrueSight Software Integration

If you’ve grown tired of outdated methods and nickel-and-dime pricing schemes, there’s good news:

TrueSight is here to light the way

The quality of your software for medical billing is the very foundation of your DME business. Perhaps that’s why so many DME providers struggle with a solution that isn’t working when there are better options out there.

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Integration Partners

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Streamlined Transition

With TrueSight, switching is a seamless process. With an expert team and an adaptable interface, your new billing software will settle into your daily operations with minimal disruption.

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No Data Left Behind

TrueSight’s integration process includes a comprehensive data transfer to ensure all of your most vital digital infrastructure remains perfectly intact. You’ll find everything you need in your new system, ready to be accessed and improved.

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Expert Guidance

Our team of experts was built from the collective experience and intelligence of Medbill, one of the industry’s most trusted names in all things medical billing. Questions or concerns? Our team is here for you.
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Shorter Learning Curve

You shouldn’t be punished for trying to find a better way. With TrueSight’s intuitive interface and comprehensive user manual, your team can hit the ground running in a new era of streamlined billing operations.

Free, Seamless Integration

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Future Proof

A growing DME team needs an evolving DME software, and TrueSight provides just that. As future updates and partnerships bring new integrations to the platform, you can be sure your price will always stay the same.

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One Price. Period.

Say goodbye to unpredictable pricing models. With TrueSight, all your tools, features, and fees are included under one stable monthly price. Yes — it’s really that simple. Learn more on our Pricing Page.

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Monthly Savings

TrueSight eliminates the nickel-and-dime of transaction tiers, charging only for individual transactions — that’s it. Small providers can save more than $1,000 monthly, while larger providers can expect to see savings of $5,000 or more.

Give Your Team the Best Software for DME Billing

Make the switch to TrueSight and witness the transformative impact the right software can have on your DME business, whatever its size or age. When it comes to medical billing, a little clarity goes a long way.

Seeing Is Believing — Schedule a Free Demo Today

Ready to experience the clarity of TrueSight for yourself? Schedule a free demo today. Discover firsthand why DME providers like you are calling Medbill’s TrueSight “the best software I’ve ever used.”