Simpler, Clearer DME Billing Software

Running a profitable DME business requires a billing system that’s efficient, easy to use, and solves problems — not create more of them. TrueSight does all that and more, saving you time, money while helping you focus on growing your business.

TrueSight DME billing software is an intuitive, all-inclusive solution that simplifies your billing practices — giving you more satisfied customers and a bottom line that keeps you satisfied, too.

At-a-Glance Clarity

TrueSight simplifies your billing process with valuable, in-depth insights — all in an interface that’s a breeze to use. With all the right data at your fingertips, you’ll be better able to focus on growing your business and caring for your patients.

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Personal Problem Solver

Medbill, the creator of TrueSight, brings a wealth of industry-leading experience to the software’s functionality and interface. Our in-depth understanding of the complexities of DME billing ensures an experience that solves your problems, not create more of them.


Streamline inefficiencies


Avoid billing errors


Eliminate backlogs that result in decreased profits


Overcome the lack of data visibility


Solve staffing issues

You’ll Love the Streamlined Workflow

TrueSight does the hard work for you — while keeping things simple. It’s designed to help DME providers be more efficient and smart with their billing practices. Its streamlined interface goes the extra mile in helping your business stay profitable.

A Solution That Grows With You…

As your DME business grows, TrueSight grows along with you. Unlike other billing software programs, TrueSight works for any size provider.

… All for One Price

Everything’s included when you purchase TrueSight. There are no expensive add-ons and no additional costs when you add new customers.

Comprehensive and Clean

Before submitting a claim, TrueSight provides immediate error feedback, helping you and your team make sure every claim goes out quickly and cleanly.

TrueSight makes filing DME claims easier by simplifying your workflow through custom automations, resupply programs, and on-demand reporting.

Onboarding? Simple. Integration? Easy.

TrueSight is easy to learn and navigate. With minimal training required, you’ll save both time and money as you get your staff up to speed.

If data migration is a concern, you can rest easy with TrueSight. We’ll guide you through the process and help you with any questions. It’s seamless and safe.

Let’s Get Started

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Be more profitable. Keep your patients happy. And empower your staff to maintain a highly efficient workflow.

TrueSight is here to help make your DME business successful … and even more enjoyable. Our mission is to help you achieve greater financial success in a shorter amount of time.

See for yourself how simple and effective TrueSight can be. Request a free demonstration today.